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November 2, 2005 - Hilton Bonaventure, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Facilitating Early Language Development

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Experts' presentations:
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Word of welcome: Facilitating Early Language Development (Dr. Donald G. Jamieson, Canadian Language & Literacay Research Network)

School outcomes in children with poor spoken language (Dr. Bruce Tomblin)

Early language development: What we know about causes, behavioural outcomes and early school achievement from the QNTS twins (Dr. Ginette Dionne)

Implications of the ‘critical age hypothesis’ for the goal of preschool speech-language services (Dr. Susan Rvachew)

Creating effective language stimulation programs for young, at risk children: Examples from the Abecedarian Research Project (Dr. Joseph Sparling)

Models for assisting the integration of evidence into policies and practices:
A tool for the integration of evidence into policies and practices (Dr. Richard E. Tremblay)

The Canadian Language and Literacy Research Network (Dr. Donald G. Jamieson)

General Discussion, led by panel on the following topic:  "How can we craft policies and practices to address language and literacy challenges more effectively?":
Marlene Stein
Nancy J. Cohen
Debbie Shugar

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