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April 26-28 2006 - Château Vaudreuil, Vaudreuil, Québec, Canada
Measuring Early Child Development

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Session 1 - Understanding and action
Early Child Development - Outcome measures (Dr. Fraser Mustard)

Swedish policies for pre-school children (Dr. Sven Bremberg)

Session 2 - Measuring early child development
Early Development Instrument: An indicator of developmental health at school entry (Dr. Magdalena Janus)

Is 18 months too early for an Early Development Instrument? (Dr. Richard Tremblay)

The Early Development Instrument and ECD (Dr. Neal Halfon)

Measuring infant development in Chile: Contexts and challenges (Dr. Helia Molina Milman)

Session 3 - Use of the EDI in wealthy countries
Seven uses of the EDI: The case of British Columbia (Dr. Clyde Hertzman)

A national approach to measuring child development in Australia: Process challenges and policy implications (Dr. Sharon Goldfeld and Sally Brinkman)

Use of the EDI in wealthy countries (Dr. Frank Oberklaid)

Poster Session
Measuring prevalence of child development delays through national household surveys in Chile, Honduras, and Nicaragua (Cecilia Breinbauer, Helia Molina Milman and Alfredo Solari)

Development of a survey module on child development for Chile (Helia Molina Milman)

Investigating the impact of social contexts on child health (Nazeem Muhajarine - Saskatchewan Population Health and Evaluation Research Unit, University of Saskatchewan)

Influencing policy and practice with research (Nazeem Muhajarine - Saskatchewan Population Health and Evaluation Research Unit, University of Saskatchewan)

Québec longitudinal study of child development: Continuing to look forward after 10 years of data collection! (Bertrand Perron and Delphine Provençal - Direction Santé Québec - Institut de la statistique du Québec)

National quality ECCE profiles: Towards ensuring diversity & reliability (Louise Zimanyi - The Consultative Group on ECCD)

Province wide implementation of the EDI in British Columbia, Canada (Human Early Learning Partnership):
The EDI (Early Development Instrument) Impact and implications for communities, families, and children (Janet Mort, Johanne Schroeder)

Strategies for disseminating data on ECD: The early child development mapping portal (Kate Trafford, Michele Wiens, Clyde Hertzman)

The Early Development Instrument (EDI) National and international perspectives (Magdalena Janus)

Context matters: Examining the early literacy skills and development health of kindergartners (Nonie K. Lesaux, Rose K. Vukovic, Peter Schaub, Clyde Hertzman, Linda S. Siegel)

The Early Development Instrument (EDI) Overview of international implementations (Magdalena Janus)

What are the social and economic indicators of nurturing neighbourhoods? (Paul Kershaw, Barry Forer)

Strategies for disseminating data on ECD: The British Columbia Atlas of child development (Paul Kershaw, Lori G. Irwin, Kate Trafford)

The Early Development Instrument: An examination of validity (Shelley Hymel, Lucy LeMare, William McKee)

Understanding how neighbourhood context influences early development (Vanessa R. Lapointe, Lori G. Irwin, Laurie Ford, Yan Liu)

Investigating differential item functioning on the EDI with regard to gender and culture (Martin Guhn, Anne M. Gadermann, Cornelia Zeisser, Bruno D. Zumbo)

Evening Session
Evaluation - A cornerstone for the Fondation Lucie et André Chagnon (Annie Bérubé)

Measuring ECD in Manitoba: Evaluating child-centred public policy at a population level (Dr. Rob Santos)

Session 4 - Measuring ECD - International perspectives
The Step by Step program: The challenges of measuring ECD in Central Eastern Europe, the CIS and the Baltic States (Sarah Klaus)

Preventing the loss of children's developmental potential (Dr. Sally Grantham-McGregor)

Measuring Early Child Development for evidence based policy advocacy and planning (Dr. Nurper Ulkuer)

Session 5 - Measuring ECD - Developing country experiences
Measuring developmental delays through household surveys: pilot efforts in three countries (Dr. Alfredo Solari and Dr. Cecilia Breinbauer)

Measuring early child development - Developing country experiences (Dr. Annah Wamae)

Final panel
Meaning & role of measurement in ecd: Problematizing an Africentric glimpse (Dr. Bame Nsamenang)

Measuring ECD (Dr. Mary Eming Young)

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