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August 1st, 2002 - McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Early Childhood and Violence Prevention

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On the theme of aggression, a poll conducted by Léger-Marketing in July 2002: Perceptions and opinions of Canadians regarding aggression among young children

Experts' presentations, from the perspectives of development, services and policy: 

The development of aggression

The development and socialization of aggression in the first five years of life (Kate Keenan)

Would facilitating early prosocial behaviour help prevent later violence? (Dale Hay) - bilingual presentation

Escalation of aggression after the preschool years and its individual and social causes (Rolf Loeber)

Early childhood services to prevent violence

Programs Proven Effective in Preventing and Treating Aggression in Young Children (Carolyn Webster-Stratton, Jamila Reid, Nazli Baydar) - N.B.: 1,22Mo file

Programs and services effective in reducing aggression in young children (John E. Lochman)

Preventing violence by promoting competence: a developmental perspective (Karen L. Bierman)

Early childhood policies to prevent violence

Canada's early childhood development policy and programs: guiding principles (Patricia Begin)

Rights and Children: The advancement of children’s rights in Canada (Alain-Robert Nadeau) - In french only

Policy issues related to early prevention of violence in children (in Canada) (Dan Offord)

Round table: How can we provide Canadian children with an adequate level of basic services to prevent violence?

From parents to premiers: a provincial perspective on improving services for children to prevent violence in Canada (Rob Santos)

Early childhood and violence prevention: view from the field (Betty Kashima)

Prevention services for the most vulnerable young children yes...but! (Lynda Périgny) - In french only

Strategic initiatives against violence within the First Nations communities (Marjolaine Sioui) - See also the complementary notes - In french only

Turning research into change (Dawn Walker)

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