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THE DIRECTING COMMITTEE defines the orientations and priorities of the CEECD.
- Committee members list.

THE ECD NETWORK AND THE ABORIGINAL NETWORK are two groups of people representing social workers and health care and education professionals from organizations working with young children and their families. The networks’ mandate is to provide feedback on products distributed by the Centre and to advise on its dissemination strategies. It provides a venue where various public stakeholders can appraise the Centre of their current subjects of interest and their preferred means of disseminating information. - ECD and Aboriginal networks members lists.

THE EDITORS and TOPIC EDITORS OF THE ENCYCLOPEDIA ON EARLY CHILDHOOD DEVELOPMENT work together to bring internationally renowned experts to write scientific articles for this Encyclopedia.

THE ADVISORY COMMITTEE has advised, from 2001-2006, the Directing Committee of the CEECD regarding the issues and strategies to adopt.

THE SERVICES AND POLICY COMMITTEE has analyzed, from 2001-2006, research on current practices in the area of services for young children and on Canadian and international policies that have an impact on early childhood development.

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